Deciding between manual shading and machine shading for your career.

Deciding between manual shading and machine shading for your career.

It can be difficult enough to know the difference between manual shading and machine shading let alone to learn which is best to learn how to perform for your future career. In general, the difference between these two methods is what’s we refer to as the ‘healed result’ and ‘brow look’.

In this article, we’ll be describing these in more detail so that you can feel confident in understanding the differences so you can better decide what your own individual preferences are moving forward.

1. Manual Shading. 

It should be noted that manual shading does tend to heal better however when machine shading has been performed correctly it can also heal without loss as well. By performing manual shading you can create a more grainy look with more visible dots. You can make a really nice soft outline, especially by using specific shading tool such as 3RL. 



2. Machine shading.

When using machine shading you can create a smooth and seamless shade. However, It can be hard to do a soft outline as it will appear more defined than in manual shading. 

You can create a nice ombre effect with two methods and both the procedures can be performed fast but usually, for the beginners, manual shading does take much more time and effort. 

The difference in the process :

  • Manual shading.

Manual shading requires numbing cream before the procedure. When starting the process, you should place the ink on the skin area first, then start to tap with slight pressure in the area where the ink is lying. Be aware that overly pushing shading needles into the skin will create undesirably patchy dark spots after healing. Erase the ink, see the result and then go to further areas. 

The Shading tools you choose will depend on the look you want to achieve and really depends on your own personal preferences. It is recommended that you first try practising on fake skin to see which one suits you more.

I usually prefer 3RL because I can do more accurate tiny work without patches. Also because I’ve noticed that I can better control the shades area. I could use 2 raw shaders in specific areas like the middle part of the brow because this would help me complete the task faster.

  • Machine shading.

Machine shading can be done without numbing cream which is a great benefit for the healing result. Though after the skin starts to be irritated you can then place the secondary numbing cream. 

Additionally, you don’t need to place the ink on the skin first with the machine. You choose the proper speed and start your hand movement in a pendulum motion with your hand operate delicately on the very top of the skin. It’s important for you to ensure to switch the speed depending on the area of focus. Choose a lower speed for the light head of the brows and for the bottom and middle of the brows you can move to a faster level to help shade the area quicker. 

My preference.

Unfortunately, manual shading simply can’t perform everything we might need in PMU such as the thinnest eyeliners or extra seamless ombré transitions. With that being said if I had to decide on only one option I would invest in learning machine method as it has so much more applications and to be creative with.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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