Should you be a microblading artist?

Should you be a microblading artist?

People often approach me about what I do and understandably they have many questions on their mind like:

What skills are needed to become a microblading artist?

What are the pluses and minuses of the work?

How do I get started?

Before I tell you more about my story of entering the PMU world let me answer the first question. I strongly believe if you have a love for the art, have a good sense of aesthetic and makeup, and a creative mindset – then you should go for it! 

However, as easy as the PMU world might sound unfortunately it’s not an easy path, but with practice and experience, you can perfect your skill base. Finding a solid course with an excellent guideline is half the battle because it helps you to accelerate your learning with real experts in the field.

We’ve covered many of the important factors pertaining to a microblading career below, so read on to learn more…

Skills you need to have before applying for Training:

1. A stable hand
First of all your hand should be really stable when it comes to providing your client with crispy strokes or following the outline in shading. Simply put, if you find your hands shaky then a PMU career might not be suitable for you. Additionally, it’s rather important to be able to freehand draw straight lines and general intuitive natural drawing skills. With practice you can improve these things, so we are not discouraging you if your heart is in it, but if you struggle with these requirements you’ll need to understand that practice will be imperative for your improvement to help to bring you up to the ideal skill level.

2. A tough mind
You’ll need to be thick-skinned (pun intended). It’s common in this kind of work to be dealing with various clients on a daily basis. Each client has their own unique personality traits, concerns and demands and chances are you will have to deal with all kinds of situations and scenarios on top of your actual brow artistry. It is common for customers to have ongoing concerns with the healing process of the work you provide for them because of the new sensation and you’ll likely get messages about this even though you had explained this to them several times. Being comfortable dealing with this kind of situation is something you must be comfortable with and able to do in a calm, understanding and informatively helpful demeanor. There’s good news however, the number of such clients will subside as your workflow process and results improve over time.

3. Resourcefulness
You are in charge of your brow fate and will have to face and overcome the struggle of finding new clients and your first models to work with. This can be a daunting prospect for people that haven’t had experience in this area before.

4. Initial capital
This isn’t a necessary requirement for everyone, but it’s highly advisable in most scenarios to seek capital for your brow business to help things run more smoothly for you. Investing in a reliable course is an investment that will not only save you so many tears and mistakes but it will fast track your earning potential by getting you prepared. It’s also important to use high-quality ink and not cheaper types as the higher quality ones. At the very least this will protect you from having your color turning fire orange after a year! And finally, expensive blades and needles will give you the ability to achieve crispy strokes and really helps to bring the best out of your efforts.

5. Patience
As with anything the path isn’t always easy and when it gets challenging you’ll need to dig deep and be willing to keep growing and not give in. It’s common for just about everybody to feel that their work is bad in the beginning but with continual practice and patience, you’ll begin to improve and then if you continue you’ll even excel. We’ve all been there and trust me I know the feeling too. I’d like to say I was born a gifted natural from the day I started, but honestly, my first work was terrible. What’s my secret? The same as yours needs to be. You need to be willing to practice as often as possible, learn from attending new masterclasses, and expand your knowledge on the topic by searching through the YouTube videos.

The pluses of a PMU microblading career:

1. High paid work
Yes, you can earn a lot! Trust me from experience when I say that the biggest difficulty you’re going to have is from your friends asking you how you’re making so much money all of a sudden. Not a bad problem to have.

2. Flexible schedule
One of my favorite things about what I do is that I can build my own schedule. By structuring your business correctly you can have as many holidays as you want! If you don’t like being told exactly when you need to arrive at the office, or getting declined days off work, then this is the ideal career choice for you. 

3. Ability to grow your business
After a certain point, you can hire people and expand your business. You can open a packed full Salon with all kinds of products and services. If you get really good you can also teach and have your own training classes.

4. Make connections and meet people
Treat your clients like gold and they turn to gold! When you have several clients who are satisfied with your work they will do anything for you, including sharing your good work with their friends and family. Because happy clients beget happy clients.  

The minuses of a PMU microblading career:

1. Dealing with complicated clients
As I mentioned before you will have all types of clients with all kinds of concerns. It’s important to be aware and prepared for this so that you can smoothly respond to any issues and resolve them with a professional and kind attitude.

2. Stressful procedures
PMU procedures will put stress on you because there is no room for mistake. No room at all. Your work will come and go, but you need to respect that the work you provide your client will be staying on the client’s faces for at least 1.5 years. You’ll need to be able to handle this calmly and excel under the pressure. You can see videos on how I used to practice before doing the actual client microblading or shading procedures when I was just starting on the BeautySlesh YouTube channel. 

3. Back pain
Once your client base grows and things are going well for you there’s a new challenge you’ll need to overcome, back pain. You’ll be sitting for long hours in one position over your clients and it’s important to manage this by stretching as needed in between your clients and maintaining a healthy physical routine. 

4. Eyes
You’ll be staring carefully and attentively at your micro strokes and shading work for long hours each day so it’s important to remember to try to rest your eyes at regular intervals between clients when possible. 

5. Responsibility Infections
All equipment must be cautiously sterilized and treated without fail to avoid infections and other health issues. This work deals with blood and so hygiene and cleanliness are imperative and non-negotiable for both you and your client’s protection.

Speaking from personal experience microblading is a lucrative and fulfilling career that will reward you tenfold as long as you respect the responsibilities that you bare with it both for yourself and for your clients.

By now it should be clear to you that just as with any business there’s pros and cons. Though despite the few minuses this business has, to me they’re clearly outweighed by the overwhelming benefits of my decision to follow this path. This is a beautifully rewarding career with open-ended potential at your fingertips, but it isn’t given to you, you have to create it.

If after reading this article you know that this is your path then we’d like to hear from you. If you have an interest in learning more about a career in microblading then contact us today to discuss your options. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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