Managing Client Bookings: How I Automate My Booking Process and What I Use in My Microblading Business

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So you’ve practiced your microblading patterns and your models are happy with the results–congratulations! Now that you can start booking more clients, you need to find ways on how you can run your microblading business efficiently and automatically. Doing so will let you spend more time improving your craft and working on more clients in the future. Using Appointy as my online scheduler for Beauty Slesh has helped me free up so much time so I can focus on mastering new techniques, tools, and patterns and serve my clients better.

Apart from having more time (which is more than enough reason for me!) here are three more reasons why I love Appointy and why I use it for managing my online bookings for my microblading business:

1. My clients can book and pay 24/7 – As long as my client has the link to book an appointment with me, they can easily do so even outside of office hours. My clients can book, pay, reschedule, or cancel their booking through Appointy without having to wait for me to reply to them. We can’t afford to lose clients just because it took us a long time to respond to their queries regarding the schedule!

If you only have a few clients, in the beginning, going the traditional route of booking clients through answering their questions on your social media or WhatsApp can work at first. But is it efficient? Definitely not. Once you start getting more inquiries, you’ll end up losing precious time checking your calendar to make sure you don’t double book clients or finding a slot that works for both of you. All the hours you spend in scheduling add up and you’ll be surprised to see how much time you spend on this task that you can easily automate.

2. I can easily customize the procedures, schedules, and payment process

Above photo is what clients see while the photo below is how my dashboard looks. 

On my dashboard, I can set up different procedures that I do and set the time it typically takes for the procedure. The schedule can be easily customized to my availability, too. I can decide which slots I want to open and until when my slots will be open and block unavailable times. For example, I only want to open booking availability until the end of April, Appointy lets me do that. This feature is perfect for me because my schedule changes so much!

Since customers can pay using this scheduling tool, you can also design how much you want your clients to pay upon scheduling. You can have them pay in full upfront upon booking or just the deposit. The terms of service and cancellation policies can also be included depending on what your specific terms are. 

Another way I can customize this online scheduling tool is through the questionnaire my clients fill out during their appointment. I can tweak the questionnaire for the full procedure and for touch-up without having to print the forms. Once my clients book, they will be asked the questions that I included in Appointy. 

3. They have incredible customer support – I was so impressed with how quickly their representatives responded to my queries. It literally took a minute for them to reply when I asked something. The installation process is user-friendly, but they can also install everything for you if you ask them to. 

If you’re confused with setting up automatic reminders or offering gift certificates and discount coupons, their customer support reps are very friendly and will help you right away.

I can go on and on about how Appointy has been really helpful in my microblading business, but it’s a lot better if you just try it out yourself. You can try Appointy for free for 14 days using my link or clicking the photo below. 

How do you manage your client bookings and how long does it typically take you to coordinate schedules in a day? Let me know in the comments!

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