PMU Procedure Flow

Do you follow a procedure flow? Do you consistently follow them or you miss some steps sometimes?

In every field or business, a procedure workflow is a must to ensure clients’ safety and achieve their desired results. It’s the same with permanent makeup. To achieve beautiful results, we follow a Permanent Makeup procedure flow.

What’s my Workflow?

First PMU Procedure flow:

1. Disinfect workspace, tools, and set-up studio
2. Fill consent form
3. Explain to the client the procedure flow
4. Determine the best suitable procedure
5. Take before pictures
6. Put numbing cream
7. Map brows
8. Perform the procedure 
9. Take after pictures
10. Explain the aftercare and healing process

Touch up procedure flow:

1. Usually, touch-up procedures are done four to six weeks after the procedure
2. If needed, map the eyebrows again
3. Choose the appropriate pigment color
4. If needed, apply numbing cream and do the whole eyebrow 
5. To ensure even brows, go over the lighter sections or extend shorter hair strokes
6. Client’s eyebrow area may start to peel in the same manner as after the first procedure.

Important: Clean up as soon as your client leaves your studio. Make sure to dispose of your tools properly to avoid bloodborne diseases.

You can watch my YouTube video where I discuss everything about PMU Procedure Flow here.

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