Different Skin Types and Suitable PMU Procedures

Different Skin Types and Suitable PMU Procedures

First of all, I just want to tell you that aside from your technique, your client’s skin type may also affect the procedure’s healed results.

There are skin types that are not suitable for other procedures, and there are skin types that cannot receive any PMU procedures at all.

I’ve made a list of the skin types that we commonly see among our clients, what procedures are suitable for them, and how they will heal, so read them carefully.

  1. Skin with oily and large pores –  has a large chance of soft/blurry healed results due to skin not too tight and oil pushing out the pigment.

Recommended procedure for this skin type: Powder brows not microblading because microblading makes tiny cuts on the skin, and if the client’s skin has large pores which are not tight, pigment will spread out and won’t hold.

If your client is male with large pores, you can still do microblading BUT with a lot of shading in between. I also recommend doing manual shading as it inserts the pigment more densely.

You can also recommend machine hair strokes which will have a higher chance of healing better than microblading but still a little softer compared to clients’ with tight skin. 

2. Sensitive/thin skin type – You will easily know if your clients have this skin type as you will see redness if sensitive, or veins if too thin. 

Recommended procedure: Any procedure can be done with clients who have this type of skin however, they will hurt and bleed more. Procedures should be done gently/lightly and only with thin needles. Thick needles are a big NO-NO!

You can do very gentle microblading but you need to soak the pigment longer, or manual shading but make sure it is light and gentle. You can also use a soft gentle machine for powder brows.

*Just keep in mind that this skin type has a chance to have poor retention and microblading might be blue. Reason is it’s easy to go deeper especially on tails where skin is thinner.

3. Normal skin type – Not oily, no big pores, best skin type to work with. 

Recommended procedure: Any type of procedure can be done and they always have the best-healed results.

4. Skin with pimples/acne – Even if your client’s skin doesn’t have this much acne, it still means there’s something going on inside the skin, like the body trying to push all the toxins. The same thing will happen to the pigment if you do any procedures, the body will push all the pigment out that will result in poor retention . 

Recommended procedure: Any procedure has a high chance of getting poor healed results, so you can tell your client that it’s advisable to wait until the skin condition gets better.

5. Skin with rosacea – Cannot do any procedure until completely cured/healed.

6. Dry skin – You’ll see this most on older clients.

Recommended procedure: suitable for all procedures, low chances of getting blurry results because there’s no oil to push out the pigment.

NOTE: Always explain this to your clients so they can decide whether to continue with the procedure and they’ll know what to expect.

I also made a video explaining all these and showing photos of the skin types on my YouTube channel. Be sure to watch it here if you haven’t!

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