Is the Lip Blush procedure SAFE?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Lip Blush, most one of the most common questions is “is it safe?”.

Some of you might’ve seen a few lip blush procedures gone wrong where clients are getting blisters, color healing unevenly, lips getting cracked, etc., but let me tell you this, those things should not have happened if the technique is correct and interviews were conducted before the procedure.

Why interview/consultation is important?

This is where you would know your clients’ lip conditions. You’ll be able to see it closer, ask her important questions such as medical conditions, previous procedures, allergies, etc. 

Make sure you prepared your checklist and double-check if you missed anything. It is also necessary to have your clients sign a consent form and/or waiver.

Now, for the question “is it safe?” – YES, it is safe, but always keep in mind that there are clients that are not suitable to get the Lip Blush procedure. Who are they?

  • Pregnant or nursing women
  • Clients under 18 years of age
  • Clients with medical conditions (for example diabetes, heart disease, anemia, thyroid disease, and other diseases/conditions)
  • Clients who are allergic to numbing creams, pigments, and other tools used for Lip Blush
  • Clients who smoke (possible poor pigment retention)
  • Clients under any kind of medication (unless approved by a physician)
  • Clients prone to cold sores or with a history of herpes

Does it hurt? It shouldn’t hurt when you are already using numbing creams.

Also, if the color heals unevenly, it can be because the pigment was not distributed to the lips properly or poor aftercare. 

📌 Note that cracked lips can occur on the healing stage but should disappear within a few days. You should also advise your clients not to peel or scratch lips while healing.

👉 What I can assure you is that Lip Blush is a great procedure that gives very natural results, once healed. This is perfect for those who like to make their lips look fuller, enhance the natural lip color, or make their lip color even. 

With the right technique and tools, this can be achieved perfectly.

All other things that you need to know about Lip Blushing such as tips and tricks, practices, procedures, aftercare, and more will be discussed in my Lip Blush Course which is coming really soon! 

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