Feel like quitting PMU? Read this.

Messy drawing, crooked lines, hand trembling while practicing, are some of the problems being encountered by beginner artists. Most beginners feel excited, or experience nervousness and fear most especially when it’s doing models or first clients, and I’m telling you, what you feel is normal.

I, myself, wasn’t good at drawing strokes when I was starting. I would even consider myself bad, to be honest. What put me to where I am today was I didn’t give up. Let me show you my work when I started.

Bad, right?

When I finally decided I want to make PMU my chosen profession, I felt really really excited and I was determined to be successful in this field. Of course, there were many hardships and heartbreaks. There were times I really felt discouraged and thought of quitting, I would tell myself before “maybe this isn’t really for me”, or “I would never be good at this”. Then I would check free resources but sadly, there weren’t too many that time. 

If you are asking how I overcome those feelings, the answer is I focused on my goal.

When I see my drawings, my strokes, my lines were not good, I practiced. I kept on practicing and learning until I felt there were improvements. Even if I’m getting good at it I didn’t stop, believe me when I say I still do practice up to this day. Seeing new techniques, new trends makes me feel motivated and determined to be better and to help more newbie artists.

So, what I’m saying is what you feel is normal and valid. If you feel like giving up, go back to the reason why you started. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help and learn new things, it’s what will make you a better PMU artist. If you are scared of doing your first model or client, practice and prepare ahead of time. If you are not satisfied with your results, if you made a mistake during mapping or procedure, don’t be too hard on yourself. Keep moving forward. Remember, small progress adds up to big results.

How my work looks like now.

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