One important technical skill you should know when microblading and other PMU procedure

One of the most important things an artist should know about microblading is proper stretching. This might be one of the most important factors in achieving crisp healed strokes.

There are different types of “stretches” known in PMU; 2-point, 3-point, and 4-point stretch. You can do any of these stretches and whatever gets the skin stretched well will work.

Let me show you how I do mine.

One finger (pointing) placed on top of the brows (forehead area), and thumb on the tail part, both pinned to the skin and stretching the skin as much as possible.

By stretching like this, it will be easier to slide the needles to the skin. It will be also easier for the pigment to go into the skin which results in lesser passes and good retention.

Of course, there are more factors and technical skills needed to get crisp, natural, healed results, but I can assure you that proper stretching is the first thing you should learn and do.

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