PMU on Male Clients

Permanent makeup is becoming quite popular with male clients and they are getting interested in getting their lips, most especially their brows done nowadays. Men just like women take pride in how they look, so you should not be shocked when you get inquiries from male clients as PMU is also for men.

Most artists are great with doing PMU procedures on female clients but are struggling to do male brows, so here are my tips that can help you become confident in doing male brows.

1. Do machine hair strokes instead of microblading. Why? Because with machine hair strokes, you can do thick manly strokes that will still heal nicely and not blurry. With the machine, you can also overlap your strokes which is perfect for male brows. You can also create especially dark strokes with machine hair strokes, unlike microblading which has restrictions on darkness. 

Also, male clients usually have big pores and oily skin which is not suitable for microblading.

2. Do a consultation so you can explain the whole procedure (from choosing a pattern, to mapping, to the procedure, to aftercare, color, how it will heal, etc.) to the client. 

3. Most male clients have lots of brow hairs, but some have little to no hair. Make sure to choose the right pattern that will suit their faces. If you have no male patterns yet, you can try this pattern first

*If the client has lots of brow hairs, you can just fill in the gaps of his brows. 

4. Also for pigments, you should pick cooler tones like darkest cool brown. There’s a high chance that warm pigments will not heal nicely.

Hope you find this blog helpful.

If you have any questions about male brows or anything related to PMU, don’t hesitate to message me on my Instagram account @beautyslesh

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