Poor microblading retention – why does it happen?

One of the most asked questions I get from beginner artists is “why do my strokes keep on disappearing?”. Unfortunately, unless I know the exact steps you took during the procedure, I can’t give the exact solution. ⁠

Problems that might have caused poor retention: 

📌 Client is not suitable for microblading. As most of you know, microblading is not for all clients and all skin types. Clients with oily, sensitive, (or with big pores), can’t get microblading as healed results will surely become either blurry or no retention at all. 

📌 ⁠Another (and more common) case is not filling in the color properly meaning, doing your second pass not sliding color through the stroke properly. But creating the new strokes beside it, called “double strokes”.

  *Double strokes will result in either blurry stoke or no retention at all.

📌 The depth/pressure is too light for the specific skin thickness.

📌 Not leaving the pigment mask long enough on the skin. It should be at least 15 minutes. Not stretching well before rubbing the pigment or before making a pigment mask can also affect the results.

📌 Needles are not sharp enough so there’s no proper filling of the pigment.

📌 Not sliding the pigment through the full stroke, leaving the end of the stroke without pigment.

📌 And lastly not stretching enough the skin when doing Microblading.

My tips:

  1. Stretch the skin properly, this way you can make a cut easily and pigment will be absorbed by the skin properly. Make sure you slide the pigment till the end of the stroke.
  2. Soak the pigment for 15 mins on your first pass, this will ensure the pigment is absorbed by the skin. 

Important note: Make sure you do your pigment mask not too long after you did your microblading pass, otherwise the cut will be closed.

  1. Most importantly, use good quality needles like the BeautySlesh NanoFlow Needles 0.14~0.15mm 18U that keeps the pigment on the tip of the needle and helps properly slide through the cut. They are really fine, extra thin but super sturdy. The healed results of these microblade/needles won’t have poor retention if done properly.⁠ ⁠

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