My favorite brow mapping tools

There are a lot of brow mapping tools out there, and some of you might be thinking if you’ll all need these for mapping. Some artists might be using just 4 products, some might’ve been using 8 or more, it’s just a matter of preference. No matter which or how many products you use, the important thing is the results. 

As for me, I use a few tools when mapping. And I’ve listed the most items I’m using to help you decide which one to get or use.

1. Disposable string. As most of you know, I use the string method for brow mapping, so a thread with black pen ink is the main tool I use. I’m using a simple thread (sewing thread) and I put a mapping pencil on it. 

Brow Mapping using thread:

2. Caliper. I use a digital caliper to ensure that my measurements are accurate and even for both brows. It’s good to use a digital caliper if you know the proper range of the eyebrows’ thickness – you won’t make it too thick or too thin.

3. Black outline pencils. I use this to draw the brows after measurements. I also sharpen my pencils flat so I can draw thin outlines easily. We are having our BeautySlesh outline pencils soon, so please stay tuned.

4. White brow paste and brush. I use my favorite white paste to clean overdraws or any excess pencil or thread marks. It also helps a lot in making the outlines crisp. My BeautySlesh white brow paste and brush are also coming soon on the website. 

Pro-tip: You can also put powder on top of the white brow paste to seal the BeautySlesh brow paste.

5. Eyebrow razor and small scissors. I sometimes use this to remove extra hairs outside the brow outline.

6. Surgical marker. This is really helpful especially for beginners to not lose the brow outlines while doing the PMU procedure. 

7. Phibrows App. I use this app after brow mapping to ensure that my brows are aligned and even. I highly recommend this one.

If you want to learn all the latest brow mapping techniques and how to map all brow types, I recommend enrolling in my Brow Mapping Course. This course has helped a lot of beginners and experienced artists become brow mapping experts, so click the link below if you want to become one of them. The best part of this course is that we have a support group where I, my team, and other students will support you through our dedicated Support Group.

Brow Mapping Course:

And if you just want a brow mapping step-by-step guide, you can get it here

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