PMU Needle Types

In permanent makeup, we have the 3 most common configurations of needles: single needles round flat, and magnum needles.

Every configuration could have a different number of needles combined together, as well as how they bound together (tightly or more apart), and every needle has its own properties as diameter thickness, taper, materials.

Let me discuss these needles, their difference,s and their uses below.

Rounds – it consists of 2 types, round liners and round shaders.

Round liner: great for lining, can be one single needle or more. Group of needles formed in a circle tightly placed with each other.

Round shader: a group of needles formed in a circle where needles are farther apart than each other, great for shading and filling, best for powder/ombre brows,

Flats – a group of needles forming a flat line. I recommend using this type for filling the hair stroke and/or faster creation of hair strokes.

Magnums – a group of needles forming 2 rows. I highly recommend this for lip procedures as it stuffs pigment efficiently. I don’t recommend using it for hair strokes, it’s better to use flat needles.

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