How to Read Needle Codes

Have you ever wondered what the codes on your needle boxes mean? Is it important? Should you know how to read them? My answer is an absolute yes. 

Companies have different needle codes, and if you use different needle brands for your procedures, it might be a bit confusing, so let me show you how to read the codes and their importance.

Needle code: 35/15MGLT 

35/15MGLT needle diameter (35mm) 

35/15MGLT needle count (15)  

35/15MGLT type (magnum) 

35/15MGLT  tightness or taper (LT = long taper) 

You can also see other important details on the box/packaging such as logos indicating the following:

• Don’t use the needle twice

• Don’t use it if the packaging is broken

• Don’t sterilize after using

• Read the manual before using and for more info

Store the needle in a cool dry place and keep it dry all the time

📌 It is essential reading all information about the needles before using them on your clients to ensure safety and prevent any problematic situation.

I hope you find this blog useful.

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