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When I started teaching, PMU wasn’t that popular here yet, so imagine how my students felt at that time. Their questions were “is it worthy of studying PMU?”, “will it give me a stable income?”, “will this trend last long?”. So today, I just want to share how proud I am of my students and share their stories.

First, let me share with you the story of Kandice.

Kandice was one of my very first students here in Taipei. Kandice had doubts too, but she pushed herself and decided that she really wanted to do permanent makeup. She’s a very passionate student, she follows instructions and my techniques really well, and she has potential. After a few months of hands-on training, she started working as a PMU artist and is now one of the most in-demand artists and instructors in Taipei. 

The next success story is my student, Tracy

Just like Kandice, she was also my student here in Taipei. She’s now making her name in Taipei and started making her name in Taiwan’s PMU Industry.

It wasn’t an easy journey for her, but with her passion and dedication, she’s starting to become successful.

I also want to share the success stories of my online students

👉 One of my brow mapping students, Sam, said that she is truly happy that she finally overcame her difficulties in brow mapping. Before it was taking her too much time and causing her so much stress, but after taking my course, she felt confident and became faster and better when it comes to mapping all brow types.

👉 Another student, Lucie, just passed her certification after enrolling in the brow mapping course. I just couldn’t be so happy hearing all their wins, no matter how big or small they are. 

I’ve been also getting quite a lot of messages about my brow mapping course lately so I decided to give 75 Brow Mapping Scholarships worth $200. There are only a few spots left so sign-up now and be a BeautySlesh scholar!

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For more updates, please check my Instagram @beautyslesh. ❤️

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