Important key points when microblading

When doing microblading, there are some important key points that are often overlooked and missed. These key points and steps are essential and can help you achieve good healed results.

I’ve listed these key points so you can start practicing and doing them on your next microblading procedure.

1.  You can do the strokes in both directions but make sure to keep the degrees in both directions you are working on.

2. Make sure that the logo of the pen is always facing you.

3. Make sure you do not lean your pen/tool to the side, otherwise, it will heal blurrily.

4. When filling the color in the same stroke on your 2nd pass, do not fill the color from the very top of the stroke. Because if in case you create a double stroke, in the middle of the stroke it will look good, but at the tip of the stroke it will look very obvious. 

So whenever you fill the 2nd pass, always fill just in the middle not reaching the top of each stroke.

NOTE: Also, if you are a beginner, do not fill front strokes.

5. Depending on the skin type, thick or thin, you will be filling in the color in the same strokes once or three times. If the skin is very thick, you will need to fill in the color 3 times.

Usually, I only fill in the color in skeleton strokes. In the tiny strokes in between, I only fill once or not at all. This way you will create the depth and dimension of the brows. The skeleton strokes will be thicker and darker, and tiny strokes will be thin and gentle.

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