Procedures after laser removal

These past few days, I’m getting lots of questions regarding which procedures are best after laser removal? Some PMU artists ONLY recommend powder brows, but some artists still do microblading or hair strokes by machine. Why and how to determine? Keep reading.

It is actually a case-to-case basis. Not all clients wanting microblading after removal can get the procedure. Why? Because some microblading that was removed by laser treatment is too deep resulting in scarring after the procedure meaning the skin is already traumatized and not healthy. 

Photos not mine

Also, some brows will still have some blue or red residue after the laser, so microblading is impossible. See samples below.

Photos not mine
Photos not mine
Photos not mine

Now, if the skin is healthy after the laser removal and the color was removed, then the client can still have microblading. These clients usually did removal just to change brow shape, not satisfied with the color, but the previous microblading was shallow and not too dense.

*Laser doesn’t do anything bad to the skin, but the old microblading does, so if the skin is healthy after the procedure and color are removed, then she can definitely get microblading. Please see the sample photo below.

NOTE: It is important to explain to the clients what to expect, and how their new brows will heal should they decide to do another PMU procedure after removal. 

IMPORTANT: It is also okay to turn down a client especially if you are not familiar with and not confident to do any procedures on such clients.

I hope you find this useful.

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