What are nanoneedles?

Many artists, especially those who are new to the industry ask what nanoneedles are? Is it better than regular needles? Is it a technique? Is it for microblading or machine hair strokes? And many other questions. 

What are Nano needles?

Let me explain both microblading and machine hair strokes.

Nanoneedles for microblading – very thin, extra sharp fine microblades. If you use nanoneedles for microblading, there is no need to apply lots of pressure to cut the skin; if you apply lots of pressure, you’re going to break the skin and the strokes will become blurry. 

Q: Where can we find nanoneedles for microblading?

A: We are one of the brands that offer this kind of microblading nanoneedle/microblade, and it is called NanoFlow Pro microblades. 

The needles are super fine at 0.14-0.15mm which is perfect for creating crisp hair strokes.


Now, the meaning of nano technique/machine hair stroke procedure is different from what it means in microblading. For hair strokes by machine it means creating fine-looking hair strokes. If the artist is skilled, she can create fine strokes using 0.25mm or other needles. 

It’s just an indicator of thin lines in the hair stroke technique. It doesn’t specifically have to do with the needle. A very thin single needle of 0.14-0.18mm won’t have much strength or power to create the stroke. And it doesn’t mean the thinner the better. It still boils down to your technique, on how you create thin lines.

Again, for microblading, crisp and thin healed results can be achieved by using nano blades and proper technique.

For hair stroke by machine, it can heal thin and crisp if the artist is skilled and the right technique is done. There’s no dull or sharp needle in hair stroke. Your needle doesn’t have to be 0.18, it can be 0.25mm, 0.30, or 0.35. It’s all about your hands and technique.

Hope you find this helpful.

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