PMU Procedure Flow

Do you follow a procedure flow? Do you consistently follow them or you miss some steps sometimes? In every field or business, a procedure workflow is a must to ensure clients’ safety and achieve their desired results. It’s the same with permanent makeup. To achieve beautiful results, we follow a Permanent Makeup procedure flow. What’s […]

Digital Microshading: Ombre Brows, How Many Passes, Healing Process, and More

Have you ever wondered how some women have beautiful powder or ombre eyebrows even in their #WokeUpLikeThis or #NoMakeUp photos? You have the wonders of microblading and microshading to thank for that. If you are thinking of offering digital microshading to your clients, keep reading to find out what you need to know to serve […]

Machine Shading: Choosing the Right Speed Settings and Depth

“What speed should I use when microshading? What should be the depth?”  I get asked these questions a lot. Choosing the right depth and speed of your machine is crucial as it will significantly affect the results. Whether you want to achieve a lighter shade or a seamless fading effect, the speed of the machine […]

Sanitize and Disinfect Your Microblading Tools: Keep Your PMU Equipment and Studio Clean

Let’s talk about the unglamorous part of being a microblading artist: sanitizing and sterilizing our microblading tools. Unless you can already afford to hire an experienced assistant right away, you have to learn how to clean and disinfect your equipment.  I personally use single-use needles and dispose of them properly, but I still have to […]

Ombré Shading: How to Get Beautiful Gradient Effect For the Eyebrows

Ombré Shading: How to Get Beautiful Gradient Effect For the Eyebrows Ombré shading has become a trend and more and more clients have been asking for this coveted eyebrow effect. Who can resist having gorgeous eyebrows 24/7 anyway? With ombré brows, there’s no more filling in your brows before work every day or worrying about […]