Debunking Microblading Myths

If you are a client wanting to get microblading or other PMU procedures, or someone who is looking to be a PMU artist and has a lot of questions, or is confused with some information you’re hearing, then this is for you. 

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What are nanoneedles?

Many artists, especially those who are new to the industry ask what nanoneedles are? Is it better than regular needles? Is it a technique? Is it for microblading or machine hair strokes? And many other questions. What are Nano needles?

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Procedures after laser removal

These past few days, I’m getting lots of questions regarding which procedures are best after laser removal? Some PMU artists ONLY recommend powder brows, but some artists still do microblading or hair strokes by machine.

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Best Pigment for Asian Clients

Some PMU artists find it hard to choose the pigments to use on their Asian clients. When I ask them why, they say it’s because most Asian clients’ don’t heal well, meaning it’s either color will change or will heal patchily.

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What is your PMU career goal?

To those who are just starting or planning to start their PMU journey, let me ask you a question – what is your career goal? How do you see yourself 2 years from now, 5 years from now, or even 10 years from now? 

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Microblading Aftercare

Taking care of the skin after the microblading procedure can affect the brows’ healed results so it is essential to follow proper aftercare. Now, what should you advise your clients after the procedure and which aftercare should they follow?

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How to Read Needle Codes

Have you ever wondered what the codes on your needle boxes mean? Is it important? Should you know how to read them? My answer is an absolute yes. Companies have different needle codes, and if you use different needle…

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PMU Needle Types

In permanent makeup, we have the 3 most common configurations of needles: single needles round flat, and magnum needles. Every configuration could have a different number of needles combined together, as well as how they bound together…

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