What to do during lockdown / downtime?

💔 With the recent Covid surge (again) in some countries, lockdowns and temporary business closures have been implemented again. It is for sure heartbreaking, but it can also be a time to do things you haven’t done when your salon/studio is open. Below are some things you can do while waiting for re-opening. 👉 Learn. […]

PMU on Male Clients

Permanent makeup is becoming quite popular with male clients and they are getting interested in getting their lips, most especially their brows done nowadays. Men just like women take pride in how they look, so you should not be shocked when you get inquiries from male clients as PMU is also for men. Most artists […]

What is brow mapping and why is it important?

Brow Mapping is the art of drawing your clients’ brows using their natural face structures and hair growth. This drawing/outline will serve as a guide when you do PMU brow procedures such as microblading, hair strokes by machine, powder brows, or combo.  What you’ll need for Brow Mapping? Here’s a list of some tools that […]

Have you ever wondered how much money PMU Artists make a year? 💲⁠

⁠📌 Based on statistics ⁠ 👉 New artists earn around 30,000 – 50, 000 USD a year. ⁠ 👉 Top artists earn 70,000 up to more than 100,000/year. Big $$!!⁠ Of course, established artists or artists who have been in the business for years earn more since they already have their clientele. ⁠ The same […]

Numbing creams & Anesthetics

What are anesthetics? Anesthetics are substances that block nerve stimulation to the brain. They block the nervous reaction that causes the sensation known as pain. There’s a lot of numbing creams out in the market, and it’s just a matter of preference and what you’ve learned in PMU school. Whatever numbing cream you choose or […]

Feel like quitting PMU? Read this.

Messy drawing, crooked lines, hand trembling while practicing, are some of the problems being encountered by beginner artists. Most beginners feel excited, or experience nervousness and fear most especially when it’s doing models or first clients, and I’m telling you, what you feel is normal. I, myself, wasn’t good at drawing strokes when I was […]

My Shading Machine Recommendation

I know most of you are having a hard time and getting confused about which machine to get and which machine is for which procedure. The question that I get a lot these days is “which machine do you recommend for shading/powder brows?”. For beginners, I recommend the Bella Dragon Machine.  I’ve been using this […]

How To Check Pigment Color Undertones

What is undertone? Undertones are the natural colors underneath the skin. They are: Warm undertones – orangey, peachy complexion/color Cool undertones – bluish or greyish complexion/color Neutral undertones – even complexion/color, not bluish or orangey Just to give you an example, as most of us know, brown is a neutral undertone as it consists of […]