Different Machine Hair Stroke Techniques: Which One is Less Traumatic?

Different Machine Hair Stroke Techniques: Which One is Less Traumatic? Youtube thumbnail
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I’ve got something special for you that I’m excited to share. It’s a video tutorial I’ve recently created, and it’s all about mastering hair stroke techniques in permanent makeup. Getting the depth right is crucial because if we go too deep, we risk leaving a bluish tint on our clients’ brows, which is definitely not the look they’re going for.

A Guide to Perfect Machine Hair Strokes

In my tutorial, I walk you through various methods for creating hair strokes – simple lines, dashes, back and forth motion, and even a slowed-down technique for a pixelated effect. I explain each one clearly, giving you the details you need to choose the best method for you and your clients.

Depth: The Key to Natural Brows

The focus of this tutorial is all about controlling the depth. I demonstrate how to keep the pigment from going too deep, ensuring that it sits just beneath the epidermis. This is important because it gives the best healed results – brows that look natural and stay the right color.

Speed and Pressure Demystified

Let’s talk tools and technique. I cover how to adjust the speed of your machine and the pressure you use to avoid causing any unnecessary trauma to the skin. Understanding these variables can make a big difference in your results.


Free Pattern

Master the Machine Hair Stroke (aka Nano Brows) Technique at Home

Improve your hand movement and learn to create gorgeous, realistic hair strokes  from scratch!

Steady Dashes Win the Race

Through my experiments, I’ve found that short dashes tend to be the best method for consistent depth and less trauma to the skin, giving us that perfect healed brow every time.

I’m Here for Your Questions

I want to invite you to interact with me – if you have any questions or uncertainties about the process, please comment on my video. Your feedback is valuable, and it’ll help me provide you with the information you need in my future tutorials.

Until next time, keep practicing and refining your skills. Be sure to check out my next video, where we’ll continue exploring the world of permanent makeup together.