Flawless Brow Mapping: My Full Process

BeautySlesh Flawless Brow Mapping: My Full Process
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We all want our clients to be thrilled with their brows, and that’s why getting your brow mapping right is so crucial. It’s the foundation of every great set of brows, and while it might seem tricky at first, with enough practice it becomes second nature.

Let’s Break it Down

In my video, I’m guiding you through a detailed process of creating the perfect brows for your clients. It’s important not just to know what to do but also to understand why you’re doing it. You’ll see me work step by step on a real client, ensuring I cover all the bases from start to finish.

BeautySlesh brow mapping client demo

Starting with the Basics

We begin by drawing one brow and then using techniques to duplicate the look on the other side. It’s all about getting that symmetry spot-on. I’ll show you how to mark the starting point of the brows, how to find the right arch, and where to end the tail, keeping it slightly higher than the front for a natural lift.

Beautyslesh video for brow mapping Starting with the Basics

Sketching the Shape

I’ll demonstrate how to draw the initial brow shape lightly, making it easier to tweak later on. We’ll also go over the importance of cleaning around the brows by removing any hairs that are not part of your drawn shape. This gives you a clear outline to work with and helps you see the symmetry more easily.

Beautyslesh brow mapping process video sketching the shape

Precision Tools and Techniques

You’ll see me use a waterproof pencil for outlining and a special thread technique for straight lines. These tools help create accurate and crisp shapes that serve as the blueprint for your permanent makeup application.

Beautyslesh brow mapping process video Precision Tools and Techniques

Practice Makes Progress

Remember, mapping might feel complicated initially, but with time and practice, it becomes straightforward. Your skill will improve, and before you know it, you’ll be doing it with ease and confidence.

Ready to Enhance Your Skills?

Just remember, you might feel like it’s a bit tricky when you’re just starting out with brow mapping, but honestly, it’s all about practice. So, if you’re ready to up your brow game, watch the video and start practicing!

If You Want to Boost Your Progress Even More…

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