How to Choose a Brow Pattern for Your Clients

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You know that feeling when you finish a brow session, the client looks in the mirror, and their face just lights up? Yep, that’s the magic moment every PMU artist lives for. Understanding the intricate patterns of brow hair growth is key to perfecting that natural, flattering look tailored to each unique client. Trust me, the difference between a lower, middle, and upper spine pattern can make or break your masterpiece!

Understanding the Spine

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. The ‘spine’ is the line that hairs seem to radiate from or towards. Different clients have different spine patterns, and choosing the wrong one… well, it’s like wearing socks with sandals – it just doesn’t look right.

Decoding Spine Patterns

I’ve got the lowdown on these patterns, and I’m excited to share it with you in this video. I’ll show you how to eyeball the right pattern for your clients. Think of it like a secret formula for creating that ‘just-right’ eyebrow.

Drawing of different spine patterns on ipad

The First Critical Step

Before you even think of picking a pattern, you have to map out the brow shape. This step is crucial, my friends. It’s the key to spotting whether you’re dealing with a lower, middle, or upper spine situation.

The Case Studies

We’ll walk through some real-life examples, where I break down the pattern selection process. You’ll see firsthand how to work with different hair growth and sparse brows. Sometimes, less is more, but with brows, the more coverage, the better—we’ll make them look fuller and on fleek!

Case studies for identifying brow spine and drawing ideal hair flow

Your Toolbox for Success

You can find all the essential patterns I show in this video on my website if you want to practice at home. Whether you’ve got a broody male client or a dainty dame in your chair, I’ve got you covered.

Final Beautifying Thoughts

Should we go lower, middle, or upper? That’s the question. After you watch my video, you’ll have the answer. Can’t wait to see you rocking brows that make your clients obsessed!

Let’s Connect 💌

I’m all about supporting your success journey so don’t hesitate to DM me your thoughts! Got a tricky client? Share their story, and let’s figure out the best spine pattern together. It’s all about helping each other thrive in this amazing world of permanent makeup.

Let’s take your brow game to the next level!

Love, Slesh