How to Draw 3D Brow Hair Strokes

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Ever find yourself second-guessing your hair stroke patterns when designing those brows? I’ve got you covered!

I’m excited to share with you a video I created that tackles one of the most challenging aspects of our craft: drawing brow hair strokes. After spending countless hours refining this skill, I’ve compiled my pro tips and tricks in this resource to help you enhance your technique and delight your clients with stunning, natural-looking brows! ✨

Mapping Out the Perfect Brow

So, first things first, you have to get the shape right. This means carefully marking the front, arch, and tail of the brow – it’s the foundation of everything that follows. Getting this down pat is crucial because it’s your guide for the entire procedure.

Drawing the Spine Line

Next up is the spine line. This line is essential because it determines the direction in which the hair strokes will flow. It’s all about mimicking the natural hair growth of the client’s brows, which can really make or break the final look.

Sketching the Main Lines

Then we move on to drawing the main lines. This is where your steady hand comes into play, ensuring each hair stroke has the right curvature and flow. You want to make sure these lines are spaced just right – too close, and it’s cluttered; too far apart, and it looks sparse.

Detailing for Natural Appeal

Then, it’s all about the detailing. I explain the concept of the eyelash effect where strokes overlap in a very specific way to mimic natural hair growth. Adding these subtle touches is what gives your work that bespoke, realistic quality.

Depth and Dimension: The 3D Effect

And finally, I delve into how to achieve a 3D effect. This involves selectively darkening specific parts of the pattern, especially around the spine. By doing this, I show you how to create depth and make the brow stand out, giving it a dynamic appearance.

I genuinely hope that my video serves as a valuable resource for you. Don’t forget to download this Pattern FOR FREE by clicking here so you can apply the techniques and see the difference it makes. 🙌🙌

Here’s to crafting beauty, one brow at a time! 💖

Love, Slesh