How to Edit Redness Out of Client “After” Photos

Beautyslesh How to Edit the Redness Out of Post Procedure Brows
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Have you ever finished an eyebrow session feeling proud of your work, but then noticed the brows appear too red and inflamed in photos? Well, I’ve got some great news for you! I’ve put together a video that’s all about fixing those reddish brows to ensure your portfolio looks just as stunning as your in-person results.

Say Goodbye to Redness with Lightroom

First things first, we’re going to use Lightroom to dial down the reds. It’s simpler than you might think. We’ll adjust the color mix to neutralize that red tint and replace it with a more natural tone that captures the true color of the eyebrow work you’ve done. And don’t worry about losing the warmth in your photos—we’ll be bringing that back soon enough.

Photo editing app to remove red brows step one is to use lightroom app

Beauty Plus: Your Editing Sidekick

Moving on, we’ll hop into Beauty Plus to polish up the look. Here, we’re cleaning up the skin and bringing out the eyes. It’s like a mini-makeover for your photo. The goal is to revive the brightness and glam up your client just with a few taps and swipes, especially if they happened to look a little washed out after the initial redness correction.

Step 2 Method 1 BeautyPlus app

Snapshot Shortcut

And for those who prefer a direct approach, there’s a quick trick using Snapseed. With a bit of layering and opacity adjustment, we can make those brows stand out with their true color, leaving the rest of the photo authentic and as-is.

Step 2 Method 2 Snapseed app

By the end of the video, you’ll see a remarkable transformation. Your photos will truly reflect the professional quality of your work, and you’ll be ready to show them off with confidence.

Final Thoughts

Editing does take time, but these strategies can streamline the process. And when business picks up and you’re swamped with clients, consider hiring a photo editor to keep your gallery looking sharp while you focus on creating beautiful brows.

I’m excited to see how these editing tips work out for you. Feel free to share your edited photos with me at ask@beautyslesh.com or on Instagram @beautyslesh. See you next week for another PMU video tutorial! ✨