How to Position Your Fingers During a Machine Hair Stroke Procedure

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Today, I want to dive into something really important: skin stretching when performing the machine hair stroke procedure. It might seem minor, but mastering this technique can dramatically improve our outcomes. That’s why I’ve created a detailed video tutorial to help make this process clear and manageable for everyone.

The Importance of Correct Skin Stretching

Proper skin stretching is critical. If it’s not done correctly, the hair strokes might not lay right, and the color could end up looking patchy. That can disappoint our clients, and we definitely don’t want that! In my tutorial, I focus on how to stretch the skin just enough to ensure each hair stroke is precise and beautifully integrated.

Skin stretching demo on mannequin

In the tutorial, I start with the tail of the eyebrow because it’s a great spot to practice without risking the entire brow design. You’ll learn to stretch just the specific area you’re working on, keeping the rest of your layout intact.

As we move through different parts of the brow, I’ll show you where to place your fingers to maintain an ideal stretch for precise work. It’s all about maintaining the right tension in the skin for optimal results.

Handy Tips for Daily Procedures

I also share practical tips like using cotton pads to protect areas you’ve already completed from any accidental smudges. Plus, I explain how to align your stretching technique with the direction of the hair strokes, ensuring each line is neat and intentional.

Handy Tips for Daily Procedures

Advanced Techniques for Flawless Results

Tackling challenging areas like the front of the brow or creating curves requires a bit more finesse. I demonstrate how to adjust your hand and even slightly reposition the client’s head to achieve the perfect stretch. These advanced tips will boost your confidence and ability to handle any situation smoothly.


Free Pattern

Master the Machine Hair Stroke (aka Nano Brows) Technique at Home

Improve your hand movement and learn to create gorgeous, realistic hair strokes  from scratch!

Practicing and Sharing for Continuous Improvement

I really encourage you to practice these techniques on a mannequin first. It’s a perfect way to build your skills confidently before applying them on actual clients. And don’t hesitate to share your practice videos by tagging me on IG @BeautySlesh! I’m eager to see your progress and offer tips and encouragement. We can all learn from each other and improve together.

This tutorial is more than just a guide—it’s a step towards elevating your craft to expert levels. Perfecting your skin stretching technique for the machine hair stroke procedure will not only set you apart from the competition but also ensure your clients are thrilled with their stunning, accurately applied hair strokes. Keep practicing, reach out if you need advice or want to discuss techniques, and let’s keep striving to be the best in our field.

Here’s to delivering outstanding results and making our clients happy with every procedure! Keep up the fantastic work, everyone!