How to Prevent Client’s Brows from Turning Red Post-Procedure or Ending Up with No Retention

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As someone who’s hugely passionate about the art and science of permanent makeup, especially ombre brows, I can tell you that mastering the ’how-to’ is crucial for ensuring both your confidence and your client’s satisfaction. We all want to avoid those alarming moments when a client’s brows start turning red right? That’s purely due to excessive trauma to the skin, which we definitely don’t want!

Understanding the Causes of Redness

When you’re working on someone’s eyebrows and you start noticing redness, it’s usually a sign that something’s not quite right with your technique. Through my video, I delve into the common reasons behind this issue. For starters, excess pressure and a scratchy technique can irritate the skin. It’s something I’ve seen quite often, especially with beginners or those still polishing their skills.

Too harsh ombre brow technique

Step-by-Step Solutions

To help you out, I’ve outlined a few adjustments in the video. One great practice tip is to work on your hand without any pigment. It sounds simple, but it’s so effective for practicing the right amount of pressure. Also, adjusting your hand speed to 125 bpm can make a world of a difference. Trust me, it’s these little tweaks that lead to major improvements in your procedure results.

125 bpm

Real Results From Real Students

What’s better than seeing these tips in action? Literally watching the transformations! In the tutorial, you’ll see my students from the Ombre Brow Mentorship apply these techniques. It’s truly rewarding to witness their progress and see how slight modifications in technique can lead to stunning and less traumatic results.

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Final Thoughts

To cap it off, I didn’t just throw out some random suggestions. Instead, I made sure to provide actionable advice that’s rooted in genuine training experiences. Remember, the goal isn’t just to apply color; it’s to do it in a way that respects the delicate nature of your client’s skin, ensuring a gentle yet effective procedure. It’s all about practice and persistence.

So, grab your tools, tune into my tutorial, and start enhancing your craft today! Let’s make those red brows a thing of the past and push towards perfection. ✨