Reviewing Color Correctors for Lips and Brows: Which One to Buy

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We all face this challenge: a client comes in with old eyebrow tattoos that have faded to odd colors like blue or red. You might wonder how to fix this without removing the tattoo. Good news! I’ve made a video that will guide you through the whole process.

How to Fix Discolored Brows

Sometimes, suggesting a tattoo removal might seem like the easiest solution. However, many clients prefer to avoid this step. In this video, I’ll guide you on how to select and apply the right color correctors to fix those unwanted hues.

color correcting red and blue brows

For brows that have turned red, we’ll use an olive or olive brown corrector to get them back to a natural brown shade. For blue brows, an orange corrector or warm brown will do the trick. I’ll also explain when to just use color correctors and when to mix them with brow pigments, depending on how intense the old tattoo color is.

Choosing the Best Products

Knowing the right techniques is essential, but having top-quality products makes your job easier. I’ll talk about my preferred brands like Permablend and N.E. Pigments, and how to choose between lighter or darker shades for the perfect brow color correction.

Wrap-Up and Additional Resources

I wrap up the video by answering some common questions and pointing you to further resources at BeautySlesh.com. You’ll find more helpful tutorials and professional courses there.

Free Video Tutorial

Create the Perfect Powder Sand Brows for your Clients

Level up your brow technique to achieve that highly sought after 3D powder brow effect that every client wants.

Handling color corrections effectively can increase your service offerings and make your clients happy by fixing their brow color issues. Check out the tutorial and let’s improve our skills together!

I hope this video helps you feel more confident in tackling any brow color correction. Remember, by improving our skills, we make our clients look and feel great. Let’s keep making the beauty world even more beautiful, one brow at a time! 🔥🔥