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6 Secrets to Superstar Brow Mapping

Learn my 6 secrets to creating clean, precise and smudge-proof brow mapping that will cut your mapping time in half.

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In This Webinar, You'll Learn...

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Take advantage of my free webinar and level up your brow mapping!

What My Students Say

Brow mapping testimonial from Andrea

You are absolutely amazing! I love your videos and your methods have made me a lot more confident!

Andrea Collins

Brow mapping testimonial from Christie

I'm a big fan of yours. You explain things so well and are so thorough. Thank you!

Christie Ray Robb

Brow mapping testimonial from Andrea

Your brow mapping course taught me everything. It helped me grow my business, thanks a lot!

Sam Samouche


Achieve Superstar Brows

That Stand Out from the Crowd

Let me help you master the art of eyebrow mapping and create a thriving PMU business with happy, loyal clients.

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Say Goodbye to One-time Customers and Hello to Forever Clients​

Join thousands of my PMU students who are using my techniques to make a lasting first impression and turn first-time customers into forever clients!

Meet Your Host, Slesh Teray

Hi, I'm Slesh Teray, the founder of BeautySlesh.

I run a world-class microblading studio in Taiwan and teach students to become a professional eyebrow artist.

I’m passionate about helping students who were just like me. I’m here to help you become confident in your work, master your craft, and cheer you on every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure if the webinar is for you? The answers I’ve provided below might help.

Definitely not! The webinar is very beginner-friendly. It covers topics that can help you in your PMU journey including:

  • How I got started
  • The essential app and tools for eyebrow PMU artists
  • How to draw the right brow for different clients
  • Tips and best practices for beginners
  • How to handle complicated brow cases, like asymmetrical and hairless brows

Definitely! In the webinar, I cover topics that can help you improve or refresh your results including:

  • The latest brow mapping techniques
  • How to map brows quicker and cleaner
  • How to retain the brow outline after applying numbing cream
  • How to confidently handle complicated brow cases, like asymmetrical or hairless brows.

Of course! You may use the chatbox to send me any questions you might have regarding the webinar or PMU in general.

Once you register, you will receive an email with the webinar link which will be accessible for 1-3 days.

We highly encourage you to take notes throughout the webinar to make sure that you get all the valuable information that I will be sharing with you for free.

My free webinar does not include a certificate.

My FREE value-packed webinar is 1-hour long.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Send me a message at ask@beautyslesh.com and I’ll be happy to help!

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