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Learn My Pro Techniques for Flawless Lip Blush Results

In this step-by-step, close-up Lip Blush tutorial, learn how to avoid inconsistent color, visible outlines, and patchy results.

Say Goodbye to Patchy, Uneven Lips!

Do you struggle with inconsistent color and visible outlines in your Lip Blush procedures? I totally get it! I used to leave gaps and streaks on my clients’ lips too. But after years of practice and experience, I’ve finally perfected the techniques to creating beautifully blended, seamless lip transformations.

In this 4-part video tutorial, I show you my complete process up close and go into detail on how you can achieve the same flawless results.

Free lip blush video tutorial part 1

Part 1

Lip mapping, machine speed selection and numbing cream application.

Part 2

Upper lip and lower lip procedure, and tips for minimizing skin trauma.

Free lip blush video tutorial part 3

Part 3

Filling in the gaps, needle selection, and tips for avoiding uneven color or gaps.

Free lip blush video tutorial part 4

Part 4

Final checking of lips, filling of gaps, and making your clients’ lips Instagram-ready.

Lip blush mapping and numbing cream image

Free Video Tutorial

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Captivating Lips

Let me help you save time on trial and error. In this 4-part video tutorial, I show you the best practices and mistakes to avoid during a Lip Blush procedure.

About Your Teacher,

Slesh Teray

When I started my brow PMU journey, I wasn’t the best student in class. My work on my clients was not something I was proud of.

Today, I run a world-class PMU studio in Taiwan and teach students to become professional eyebrow artists. I’m passionate about helping students who were just like me. I’m here to help you become confident in your work, master your craft, and cheer you on every step of the way through my in-depth courses and supportive Beauty Slesh Community.

I’d love to welcome you to the Beauty Slesh family!

About Slesh Teray

Ready to Elevate Your Lip Blush Game? Here’s What You’ll Learn

Video Tutorial Part 1:

Lip mapping, magnum needle contour, proper machine speed and numbing cream application.

Video Tutorial Part 2:

Upper and lower lip blush process, when to adjust machine speed and tips for minimizing skin trauma.

Video Tutorial Part 3:

Process for filling in the gaps, the ideal needle to use, and tips for avoiding uneven color or gaps.

Video Tutorial Part 4:

Final touches, filling of gaps, and tricks for making your clients’ lips Instagram-ready for photos and videos to promote your services

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Master the Lip Blush Procedure Step-by-Step

In this tutorial, I break down the Lip Blush procedure into easy-to-follow steps. Learn how to avoid common Lip Blush mistakes, properly fill in gaps, and create natural-looking, pinkish lips.

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