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By mastering machine hair strokes, you’ll differentiate yourself from other artists. You can cater to clients unsuited for microblading and increase your rates, while offering uniquely stunning brows that others envy.

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What Previous Students Said About
Machine Hair Stroke Course

Discover what others, just like you, spontaneously shared about the course while deciding if it was the right fit. Despite their initial hesitation, they took the leap of faith, got started, and saw success. Hear their unfiltered feedback, in their own words, and see why they chose to share it with me.


“I can’t believe the difference this course made in my career! Now, clients choose me over other artists because of my unique machine hair stroke skills.”

Samantha T

“I made the decision to invest in myself as a professional artist and I’m so grateful I did. This courase provided me with the skills I needed to truly stand out from the competition and succeed in my career. Now, I have the confidence and expertise to create stunning machine hair strokes that me and my clients can’t get enough of.” Amber G

Amber G


“I was stuck in my career, only able to offer microblading to my clients. But since learning machine hair stroke, I’ve advanced beyond my wildest dreams. Now, I have total control over the darkness and density of the design and I’m able to create stunning, natural-looking brows that I couldn’t achieve before. Thanks to this course, I have a newfound confidence and a thriving career.”

Sarah M

“This course taught me the ultimate brow technique – machine hair strokes. Now, I’m known for creating stunning, natural-looking brows that my clients absolutely love.”

Emma D


“Microblading just wasn’t working for some of my clients. But with my new machine hair stroke skills, I can serve a wider range of customers and give them the beautiful brows they deserve.”

Alex K

“Since taking this course and mastering machine hair strokes, I’ve been able to raise my rates and offer more to my clients. It’s been a game-changer for my career. And indeed, a machine hair stroke will give you such a huge ability to increase your rates to stand out from other artists, which is really a game-changer.

Olivia W


“Since I learned machine hair strokes, I’ve been blown away by how many referral clients I’ve gotten. People are raving about the stunning, natural-looking brows that only I can create. My schedule is now always booked and I’m constantly growing my business. I’m so glad I took the leap and invested in this course – it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made for my career.”

Jessica L.

“I’m so grateful I took a chance on this course – it’s completely transformed my career. Since learning machine hair strokes, I’ve been able to create unique, stunning brows that my clients can’t get anywhere else. They’re thrilled with their one-of-a-kind look and constantly recommending me to their friends and family. Machine hair strokes are now my specialty and I couldn’t be happier with the direction my career has taken.”

Tyler B


“I’m blown away by how much this course helped me. Now, I’m able to offer my clients something truly unique and the results speak for themselves.”

Rachel H

“Before this course, I was hesitant to take on certain clients especially ones with big pores or very sensitive skin. But with machine hair stroke skills, I feel confident and capable of serving anyone who walks through my door.”

Ashley S