Lip Blush Pro Course

By the leading YouTube PMU instructor with over 4.1 million views

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Lip Blush Pro Course

By the leading YouTube PMU instructor with over 4.1 million views


  • 8 Model demonstrations
  • Over 8 hours of video lectures
  • Practice worksheets and actionable content
  • Lifetime Access
  • Personal Feedback & Support

If you want to offer Lip Blush services to your clients. Then this course will cover topics to improve your work and retain better results faster.

When I started, the information I learned didn’t answer why I should use a particular pigment for neutralization, what exactly neutralization is, techniques like machine speed, and different needles. I spent months answering these questions for myself.

And you get to learn what I’ve mastered, so you don’t have to struggle as I did and confidently be able to deal with different types of lips, skin, and color for the perfect outcome.


Slesh Teray

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Brought to you by the youtube creator with over

4.1 Million views

What I’ll cover that
you won’t learn
anywhere else

Comprehensive videos that cover everything you need to go from beginner to professional.

Structured to provide you with step by step procedures that will take your Permanent Makeup Artist skills from beginner to professional level.

Which means you get an extensive theory, in-depth knowledge, and how to implement my techniques through simple practice.

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The secret “Signature Technique” will assure the fastest procedure time

You can finish the procedure within the first pass. So you don’t have to implement the process again and again for your client.

Which needles and machines to use and why do you choose them as an artist

You’ll learn how the right equipment makes a difference in your technique and not just blindly using them.

Clueless about color theory? How to choose the right color pigment for the undertone

The difference between organic and synthetic pigments, and discover what’s inside the pigments. Make the right decisions on pigments with every client.

The mistakes to avoid when using orange through understanding neutralization and how you can implement it on dark lips.

An in-depth guide on how to pick the right color neutralization to match your client’s desired target color.

The quickest, easiest way for any artist to do lip mapping for the perfect beautiful shape

Everyone is different and so should your approach to lip blushing, you will understand the fool-proof method to use every time.

When using Magnum needles can save you up to 1 hour during a procedure

With magnum needles becoming more popular, you will practise how to avoid huge patches on the lips and any challenges with them.

Lifetime support with all questions answered in a Facebook group

Comprehensive videos that cover everything you will need to go from a beginner to a professional artist. Content gathered from years of testing and improving the technique that I now use every day. With information being added regularly from students’ feedback that will be available to you in the Lip Blush Masterclass.

Plus - How to practice
worksheets and then use
the actionable content

It’s scary the first time you work on someone’s face if you don’t practice the actionable content and worksheets. It’s never going to get easier. In the Lip Blush Masterclass, I’m very generous with the information shared with you. What you need to do is practice! Every day to get better and more confident.

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My Risk-Free Guarantee

If for any reason you are not delighted with this training, Simply contact me and I will give you a full refund

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Tools and links
  • Telegram Support Group
  • Video speed
  • Review
  • Anatomy of the lips 1
  • Anatomy of the lips 2
  • After Healing vs After procedure
  • Anatomy – each area healing
  • Difference between lipstick effect and aquarelle lips
  • Before agreeing to the client to undergo the procedure
  • Contraindications and things to avoid
  • Before care and precautions PDF
  • Aftercare PDF
  • Tray set up (procedure)
  • Consultation, consent form, precautions for the procedure
  • How to use Asana
  • Numbing Cream
  • How to take lip pictures
  • Lip Mapping
  • On Lips
  • Tray set up (mapping)
  • How to pick pigments
  • Pigment theory. Organic vs Inorganic
  • What is inside the pigment bottle
  • Cl codes and what’s inside pigments
  • Dark lip neutralization. Melanin.
  • Which lips need to be neutralized
  • How to pick the right neutralizer color and why
  • Dark lip neutralization theory
  • All about Needles theory
  • Needle types, pressure and skin resistance and which needle I use – PDF
  • Needle Code – PDF
  • Which needles are best for a quicker Lip blush procedure
  • How to pick the right machine
  • Tips for choosing a machine for lip blush
  • Machine speed vs hand speed
  • Depth of lip blush
  • Procedure Overview
  • Hand position and stretch when doing contour
  • How to hold machine for different techniques
  • Contour on latex practice
  • Homework contour lines on latex
  • Needle length
  • Outflowing pigment
  • Hand pressure and depth
  • Working with 1RL demonstration – Golden Rule
  • Filling lip area with 1RL demonstration on latex
  • Filling mucous area with 1RL demonstration on latex
  • 1RL and 3RL mistakes
  • Homework -1RL
  • Working with 3RL demonstration
  • Signature 3RL technique
  • Filling mucous area
  • Homework (Filling lip and inner lip area)
  • Magnum Needles
  • How to use Magnum needles – Vertix vs. Tina Davies, how to hold machine and needles, hand speed, hand and …
  • Homework (one-way and two-way, step forward filling)
  • New Lecture
  • Mapping
  • Contour
  • Upper Lip
  • Lower Lip
  • Filling lip mucosa area
  • Touch-up upper lip area
  • Touch-up lower lip area
  • Mapping
  • Contour
  • Upper lip
  • Lower lip
  • Filling empty gaps 1
  • Filling empty gaps 2
  • Contour
  • Upper lip section
  • Lower lip section
  • Filling mucous area (lower lip)
  • Touch-up upper lip area
  • Touch-up all areas
  • Contour
  • Applying color to lighter areas
  • Upper lip
  • Lower lip
  • Filling empty gaps 1
  • Filling empty gaps 2
  • Contour
  • Upper and lower lip sections
  • Empty gaps part 1
  • Empty gaps part 2
  • Mistakes when doing lip blush procedure – student showcase
  • Contour
  • Upper and lower lips
  • Touch-up upper lip area
  • Touch-up all areas
  • Filling empty gaps + result
  • Upper lip section
  • Lower lip section
  • Filling empty gaps 1
  • Filling empty gaps 2

What My Previous Students
Say About My Teaching

 Lena Ogulnik
Lena Ogulnik
Read More
If you still thinking to take this course or not...I took it online and very happy that I did that! If you keep practicing on artificial “skin”, following all the directions in this course... at the end of this step-by-step course, you will build your confidence and start doing a very nice job right from the beginning! Thank you, my Dear Teacher
 efaki kanabou
efaki kanabou
Read More
Thank you so much you helped me a lot. I didn't learn it properly. And i was ready to give up. Thia video explain it 100 times better than my teacher.. thank you..
 Andrea Collins
Andrea Collins
Read More
You are absolutely amazing! I love your videos and your methods have made me a lot more confident!
 Fresh Envy
Fresh Envy
Read More
OMG you are amazing. Please keep doing what you're doing. Your walk through is so informative. Love what you have to say
 Eirene Chang
Eirene Chang
Read More
You are a great teacher. Thank you for all the helpful tips to practice <3 I am going to practice right now!
 Rebecca G
Rebecca G
Read More
I am very thankful for your tone and pace. I love your techniques and Wow tips I am a Newbie coming from a artistic background.

Pricing Plans

  • Signature 1RL technique
  • Signature 3RL technique
  • Signature magnums technique
  • Pigments knowledge
  • Color theory
  • Dark lip neutralization
  • Consultation and before and after care
  • Lip mapping
  • Demonstration on
  • Custom support

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About Your Teacher

Slesh Teray

  • More than four years of experience in microblading, shading, and machine hair strokes
  • Internationally-trained and certified
  • Trained thousands of students live and online
  • Fun fact: My mom was my very first client!

When I started my microblading journey, I wasn’t the best student in class. My strokes were blurry and my work on my clients was not something I’m proud of.

Today, I run a world-class micorblading studio in Taiwan and teach students to be come a professional eyebrow artist. I’m passionate about helping students who were just like me. I’m here to help you become confident in your work, master your craft, and cheer you on every step of the way through my in-depth courses and supportive Beauty Slesh Community.

I’d love to welcome you to the Beauty Slesh family and hope you’ll find my courses helpful!