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Machine Hair Stroke Course

Become confident in your machine hair stroke technique by practicing with Beauty Slesh

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BeautySlesh Online Course
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  • Bonus Certificate upon submission of homework

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Machine Hairstroke with Shading – theory and hands-on practice
  • Tools you will need
  • Setting up the machine 
  • Difference between shading and hair stroke machines
  • Needle type difference for machine hair stroke and shading
  • Pigment to use for the machine 
  • Poper Needle length and position
  • Needle depth
  • Proper speed of the machine 
  • Proper speed of hand movements 
  • Proper holding of the handpiece for best stability when performing machine hair strokes
  • Proper holding of the handpiece for best stability when performing shading techniques 
  • Hand pressure practicing techniques
  • From unstable hand to stable hand movements: secrets and techniques
  • Unique techniques to get crisp lines
  • Hair stroke lines – group practice
  • Hair stroke advanced lines – group practice
  • Learn beginner and advanced eyebrow patterns
  • Eyebrow patterns – group practice
  • Advanced eyebrow patterns – group practice
  • Homework and activities
  • Facebook group practice
  • Live Q and A sessions


  • after completing the homework tasks

No, the course includes comprehensive materials in the form of videos and files that you can finish at your own pace. 

No, I decided to make the videos pre-recorded instead so the different time zones won’t be an issue.

You will get your course details and credentials once you complete the payment. 

You’ll need the pigment, latex skin, your machine, and an optional tripod so you can record yourself and post your work in our Facebook group for feedback. 

Like with my other courses, there will be a lot!

While we’re practicing on latex for this course, any machine is fine. However,  to do this on actual clients, you’ll need the NanoFlow Professional Hair Stroke Machine because of its low vibrations. You’ll need a machine with the lowest vibration to achieve crisper, natural-looking hair strokes. Otherwise, the result can look blurry and soft. 

Through our private Facebook group! You’ll post your work in there so I can provide feedback.

Yes, once you complete your homework, you’ll get the certificate.

I recommend two to three months of practice with me through our Facebook group to make sure your hand is stable enough to perform the procedure on clients. If you’re a complete beginner, however, you’ll need to take other courses that tackle the more basic, but essential, concepts such as color theory, client consent form, brow mapping, etc.

Anyone can take this course since the training is detailed, but if you’re a beginner, you’ll need to supplement this with basic courses to be able to perform the machine hair stroke on actual clients (see answer above)