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Master the Basics of Powder Brows with My Signature Sand Brows Technique

Unlock the secrets of a revolutionary brow style that lasts and looks natural.

Unlock the Skill to Creating the Perfect Sand Brow Look for Your Clients!

Ever wondered how to perfect that lower-dark, upper-light brow look? How about the distinctive sand brow style that stands out as unique in the brow industry?

Now is your chance to grasp the knowledge and sharpen your skills with our comprehensive free video tutorial! Discover how to enhance your brow technique skillset to achieve that highly sought after 3D effect that every client desires.

Free Training Video

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Learn the hottest brow technique today and deliver top notch services that will keep your clients coming back!

About Your Teacher,

Slesh Teray

When I started my brow PMU journey, I wasn’t the best student in class. My work on my clients was not something I was proud of.

Today, I run a world-class PMU studio in Taiwan and teach students to become professional eyebrow artists. I’m passionate about helping students who were just like me. I’m here to help you become confident in your work, master your craft, and cheer you on every step of the way through my in-depth courses and supportive Beauty Slesh Community.

I’d love to welcome you to the Beauty Slesh family!

About Slesh Teray

What I Cover in the Training Video

Powder Brows Video Coverage mobile
Powder Brows Video Coverage

Stop Guessing, Start Perfecting

Avoid easy-to-make mistakes that scar your clients’ brows and hurt your reputation!

Get rid of the patchy shading and ‘zebra effects’ you unwittingly create with misguided shading techniques. Learn to control your hand and needle, mastering the art of ‘lift and slide’ versus the damaging ‘point and shade’.

Our tutorial will show you how to create soft and natural brows that will stun your clients and amplify your portfolio.

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