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Debunking Microblading Myths

If you are a client wanting to get microblading or other PMU procedures, or someone who is looking to be a PMU artist and has a lot of questions, or is confused with some information you’re hearing, then this is for you.  Here are some Microblading myths that need to be debunked. 1. It looks fake. Though it might look a little strange after microblading procedure and while healing, your brows will look natural once healed. The color thickness of the hair strokes, color, and pattern will look natural if the technique was done right.   2. It’s permanent.  Microblading is

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What are nanoneedles?

Many artists, especially those who are new to the industry ask what nanoneedles are? Is it better than regular needles? Is it a technique? Is it for microblading or machine hair strokes? And many other questions.  What are Nano needles? Let me explain both microblading and machine hair strokes. Nanoneedles for microblading – very thin, extra sharp fine microblades. If you use nanoneedles for microblading, there is no need to apply lots of pressure to cut the skin; if you apply lots of pressure, you’re going to break the skin and the strokes will become blurry.  Q: Where can we

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Procedures after laser removal

These past few days, I’m getting lots of questions regarding which procedures are best after laser removal? Some PMU artists ONLY recommend powder brows, but some artists still do microblading or hair strokes by machine. Why and how to determine? Keep reading. It is actually a case-to-case basis. Not all clients wanting microblading after removal can get the procedure. Why? Because some microblading that was removed by laser treatment is too deep resulting in scarring after the procedure meaning the skin is already traumatized and not healthy.  Also, some brows will still have some blue or red residue after the

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