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How‌ ‌your‌ ‌Microblading‌ ‌SHOULD heal‌ ‌and‌ ‌NOT heal‌

If you are a beginner artist, you must be feeling anxious while waiting on how your microblading will look when it’s healed. I was also like that when I was a beginner. I’m also worrying and thinking of how it will heal, if I did something wrong, etc. I get worried most especially when clients start asking questions, sending photos, and getting a bit doubtful. It’s really troublesome, right?  So read further to know how your microblading should heal and how to achieve great results, and how it should not heal and how to avoid getting bad results. How should

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How To Check Pigment Color Undertones

What is undertone? Undertones are the natural colors underneath the skin. They are: Warm undertones – orangey, peachy complexion/color Cool undertones – bluish or greyish complexion/color Neutral undertones – even complexion/color, not bluish or orangey Just to give you an example, as most of us know, brown is a neutral undertone as it consists of yellow, blue, red. Different amounts of any of those 3 colors will influence the color undertones.  When you purchase a Tina Davies pigment set, you’ll get a chart of their pigment colors and you’ll see in the chart their undertones. I also listed them down

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Different Skin Types and Suitable PMU Procedures

Different Skin Types and Suitable PMU Procedures First of all, I just want to tell you that aside from your technique, your client’s skin type may also affect the procedure’s healed results. There are skin types that are not suitable for other procedures, and there are skin types that cannot receive any PMU procedures at all. I’ve made a list of the skin types that we commonly see among our clients, what procedures are suitable for them, and how they will heal, so read them carefully. Skin with oily and large pores –  has a large chance of soft/blurry healed

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